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*NEW SERVICE* On-Site Welding

In addition to the regular fabrication of our product range, Forvac Services have the resources to provide a variety of on-site repair services, encompassing a range of projects from maintenance and machinery repairs, silo & hopper repairs, to more complex repairs. We offer this service to our existing customers, along with those who may be approaching us for the first time with specific, one-off requirements.

Providing it is within our capabilities, and fits around our scheduled commitments, we are also happy to accept last-minute repair work from those who require a rapid response.

Our experienced mobile welding team is fully compliant in all aspects of site fabrications and repair, ensuring your requirements are fixed quickly and effectively.

Service & Maintenance

Forvac Services are experts in Industrial Vacuum andExtraction. We can service, maintain and repair any make, brand and model of industrial vacuum and dust extraction equipment to suit your budget.

Servicing and maintaining your vacuum equipment, extends its working life, ensures optimum running efficiency and minimises the risk of a breakdown or mechanical failure. The environments and harsh conditions that Vacuums and extraction systems are subject to, such as damp conditions, low temperatures, high temperatures, long running hours or long periods of non-use, can all effect how the equipment runs. With Forvac performing regular tests & checks, removing and replacing consumable parts, changing vacuum seals, filters and fluids, we can ensure your vacuum equipment is in top shape for when you need it most.

Forvac’s engineers are experienced in servicing all makes and models of industrial vacuums and LEV’s regardless of size, age or condition.

Recondition & Spare Parts

We have gained many years’ experience and knowledge in the design, manufacture and supply of industrial vacuum equipment, Forvac have reconditioned numerous makes and models of Industrial Vacuums & LEV’s for many customers, where purchasing new equipment just isn’t in their budget.

Spare parts can be difficult to track down, especially where the equipment is obsolete and the equipment manufacturer is long gone.

Forvac Services supply alternative and genuine parts for most makes of Industrial Vacuums and LEV’s, in most cases this can be done obtaining the original manufacturers part number however, if a sample is supplied, we’ll manufacture it without compromising the quality.

Before - Renvac Vac & Hopper Refurbishment

After - Renvac Vac & Hopper Refurbishment

After - Renvac Vac & Hopper Refurbishment

Renvac HEPA conversion

Renvac HEPA conversion



Forvac has developed a combined silencer/HEPA filter exhaust system, which can be retrofitted to any of our FVP range of Industrial Vacuums from when we started in 2006.

We can also, retrofit HEPA filters to all our FV range and almost every other manufacturer’s equipment, very cost effectively.

We come to site survey the machine and whilst there, we size the HEPA filter and the housing size.

It may have to be modified back in our service workshop but, we can always hire you a machine whilst the work is being done.

Design & Installation

Forvac is the proud manufacturer of our own British designed and built heavy duty FVP & FV electric, diesel, fixed or portable industrial vacuum range.  Having our own design and development team we also, manufacture bespoke industrial vacuums and systems providing complete tailored solutions, designed to suit the application and customer requirements. After the initial on-site consultation, our design team and project manager will determine and provide, the most cost effective solution for the application, whether it be a standard or bespoke.

Forvac designs, builds and installs from start to finish, using our own design team and installation engineers, ensuring costs are kept to a minimum.  The savings don’t stop there, Forvac is also the distributor for Lajac pipework ducting systems, keeping our prices even more competitive. Whether it’s supplying a new machine, a new or modified ducting installation or a complete system, we would be more than happy to help.





With every new, reconditioned and hire machine, operator training is included and carried out when we arrive on site with the machine.

Training can be extended to other operators and personnel either on site or back at our workshops.

Hire & Finance

Our hire machines are available nationally on short or long-term contracts or, if you just want to try before you buy.

There are many ways to purchase vacuum equipment from Forvac, contact us to see which option suits you best.

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