Heavy Duty, High Performance, Industrial Vacuum, Fully Portable by Forklift


Key Features and Benefits

Fully portable by forklift and therefore suitable for material collection anywhere on site in all industrial and commercial applications. We offer the FVP-25™-2 designed for a one-man operation.

The unit is able to collect a range of materials, from fine particles through to aggregates up to 40 mm in size. Loading rates vary between 3 and 6 tons per hour over 40 metres depending on the material (or further if utilised with a sealed interceptor skip/hopper or fixed pipework system).

Units are available for purchase, short or long term hire, contract hire or lease at very competitive rates. Trial/demonstration machines available.

The FVP-25™-2 has been designed for:


  • Unlike our competitors units the FVP-25™-2 is suitable for wet and dry materials and sludge’s.
  • When configured with our hopper it provides a portable bagging unit or dual purpose combined unit.
  • Super flexible hose and vacuum tools are all available.
High Performance
  • Excellent conveying rates, exceeds that of our competitors.
  • Utilises an energy saving electric motor on soft start (running on a 32A motor rated power supply) and a high quality tri-lobe positive displacement vacuum pump.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Excellent filtration with automatic cleaning.
Build Quality and Reliability
  • Very robust, exceeds that of the competition whilst remaining very cost effective.
  • Low running and maintenance costs.
  • The FVP-25™-2 can be used to power a centralised vacuum system and collect material in its integral 1m3 tipping skip.
  • With the addition of a sealed intercept hopper it can directly return collected material for re-processing or discharge into bulk Bags.
  • Conveying distances can be increased by utilising a 1m3 fork lift sealed intercept skip/hopper for both portable or centralised applications.
  • Hoppers are available up to 3m3 capacity and larger intercept skips are also available.

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