Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Loader



The Forvac FV-40 E is a heavy duty industrial vacuum loader consisting of a powerhead and integral material collection hopper.

The Forvac FV-40 E is an ideal industrial vacuum source for portable use around the plant or to power permanent in plant piping systems.

Manufactured in 5 mm steel throughout.

Power Module

The Forvac FV-40 E is electrically powered and features a 40 horsepower, 30kW EFF1, 380 VAC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, TEFC, electric motor.

An IP69 control panel is provided with all necessary controls and motor starters.

All Forvac units feature a positive displacement triple rotary lobe type vacuum producer and integral exhauster silencing to 80 Dba at 1m free field conditions.

This model is also available as a diesel unit, if required.

Material Collection Hopper

The Forvac FV-40 E features a large 1.0m3 capacity integral material collection hopper. The hopper is constructed of reinforced carbon steel and is designed to handle negative pressure over 18″ Hg.

The collected material enters the hopper through the radial inlet located at the side of the powerhead.

The Forvac FV-40 E should be used in conjunction with a primary collection hopper (not included) or a skip for large volumes, yet can be used singularly for spills up to 1m3.

Filtration System

Forvac “H” type cassette giving effective cloth area of 13m2.

Filter media is anti-static, water and oil repellent with electro mechanical filter cleaning at pre-set intervals controlled by timers in the control panel. Stainless steel inserts, 99.75% efficiency.

Anticipated Performance

The FV-40 E’s 40hp (30kW) motor and positive displacement rotary lobe type vacuum producer provides the following performance specifications:

Conveying Rates:
@ 80m horizontal – 4.5 tons per hour
@ 50m horizontal – 6.5 tons per hour.

Material handling rates and conveying distance will vary based on the bulk density and particle size of the material, as well as the skill and efficiency of the operating personnel.

Technical Data

Horsepower: 40 HP (30 kW)

Conveying Rate: Nominal = 90.7kg/min (200lbs/min)  –  Maximum = 181.4kg/min (400lbs/min)

Vacuum Rating: 15” Hg (500 mbar)

Air Flow:  No Load = 1750m3/hr (1030 CFM)   –  Full Load = 1400m3/hr (824 CFM)

Conveying Distance: Nominal = 31m (101ft)  –  Maximum = 120m (393ft)

Relief Valve: KKL-3 set at 15” Hg.

Control Panel:
The Forvac FV-40 E features a complete package of instrumentation for operation at 110V/1PH/50HZ and product protection controls. IP69 control panel contains on/off switch, phase change over, vacuum gauge, system running pilot light, timers for filter cleaning, hour meter and emergency stop.

Power Supply: 415v/63 amp motor rated.


Full 18-month warranty (blower only) – 12 months, parts & labour (excluding normal “wear and tear” items, e.g. filters, etc.)


All Forvac units include 2 Operation and Maintenance Manuals as standard Additional manuals are available.

Units are primed and painted with durable industrial enamel. Standard colour is yellow or your choice of any single colour specified on written order.

Can be skip or trailer mounted as required.

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