Forvac Industrial Machines

FORVAC are supply partners with the world leading MasterVacuum range of Industrial Vacuum Equipment.

Our comprehensive range includes Single Phase and 3 phase units for dust, oil and swarf as well as fully certified ATEX units for all industrial vacuum cleaning applications.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Heavy Duty vacuum cleaners
Oil & Swarf vacuum cleaners
Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners
Atex Vacuum Cleaners
Tools & Accessories

Industrial Dust Collection and Fume Extractors

Manual cleaning Dust collector
Self-cleaning dust collector
Explosion proof dust collector
Centralised dust collector
Tools & Accessories

ATEX Certification & Explosion Proof

ATEX and Explosion Proof units for Food, Pharmaceutical and Electronics Industrial.

Clean Room Applications

A comprehensive range of stainless vacuum for Clean Room environments.

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